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We provide families in the Chester County Area  with child advocacy and tutoring services in West Chester. Our goal is to make sure that your children receive quality educational care in a comfortable, personal, and nurturing environment.

Have you asked yourself any of these questions?
  • Could tutoring weekly help improve my child’s academics and/or social skills?
  • Is my child in the best school placement?
  • Is my child receiving acceptable grades on his report card?
  • Are my child’s educational goals being met and to the level expected?
  • Does my child have social needs that aren’t being met?
  • Are my child’s behavioral needs being addressed and improving in the school and home setting?
  • Are all of my child’s medical needs being addressed?
  • Do I have difficulty communicating with the current school staff to have my child’s needs heard and addressed?
  • Could my child benefit from being taught study skills and strategies?
We can help. Let’s go over your concerns in person. 
We’re here for your kids.
Have a question? Let us know. Our entire focus is on how to help your child succeed. We work with you, your child, their teacher and their school. We provide proven results for many different types of learning situations. We love to watch our kiddos succeed.
Educational Advocacy
Onsite Tutoring Sessions
School Placement Counseling
Home School Evaluations & Curriculum Planning
Executive Function & Study Skill Course
Summer Camps
Social Skills Groups
Friday Kids Night Out