Executive Function and Study Skills

Executive Function & Study Skills

This ten-week course presents strategies developed to focus on the part of the brain responsible for planning, organizing, and problem solving.  Weekly activities intended to engage your child and increase their executive function skills will provide your child the necessary tools to better understand their learning style; learn how to organize, plan, and manage their time; discover the best approaches to reading, taking notes, and taking tests; stretch their minds and improvise; establish goal-directed persistence; improve their working memory; and know how to shift their perspective.  The course designed to help students improve their study habits, manage stress, and prioritize their assignments will give them the confidence to finish what they start.

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Offered at West Chester and Media locations!


I tried Fick Educational Services to help my son learn how to study and get organization skills. The staff was wonderful working with my son and I saw a drastic change for the better in his study habits and much improved grades. It was well worth the money as it made my son take interest in preparing for his classes and become confident that he could do well in school. Great motivation!! Very happy.
Carol R.

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