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Cris is an amazing advocate and instructor for children with reading problems. She goes out of her way to have guest speakers serve her clients. She had me speak on handwriting problems last fall. Parents reported that they found a huge benefit from the interaction between reading and writing.

Cherri D.

I know the staff and owner from being a West Chester University alumnus. The team always was dedicated to taking the best steps to ensure children’s success, and the staff is all highly qualified- most having education degrees and certifications in multiple areas. After a few years just hearing about them through the community, I decided to join them as a tutor, and my experience with them has been excellent from that end, as well. Definitely the prime choice for students in Chester County seeking to achieve and succeed even more!

Chris J.

Without a doubt, Cris is a rising star if not already a super star of her own in this field. That is no exaggeration either. Although I have known Cris for over 25 years, it wasn’t until recently that we needed her services. To put it mildly, we were put in a very stressful situation with our son’s needs being met at school. We needed help super fast and when Cris came into the situation, we immediately felt calm since she was immediately able to prove that she knew what she was doing and what she was talking about. It took many months of hard work and sorting out to get back on track. But it was worth every single penny we invested in her. With out her help it would have been impossible to navigate through all of the terminology and paperwork involved with Special Education within the school system. Her attention to detail and thoroughness is beyond words to say the least. If you need an advocate, I can truly saw that you do not need to look any further. In fact, even schools are seeking her services for the needs of the children. That alone should let anyone know just how good she is. What I also admire about Cris is that she will tell you exactly what you need to know and what options you have. She will never make outrageous claims or promises that cannot be met by a school. We’re so glad to have her on out corner and believe me, you’ll want her in yours too. You won’t regret it.

Edwin S.

I tried Fick Educational Services to help my son learn how to study and get organization skills. The staff was wonderful working with my son and I saw a drastic change for the better in his study habits and much improved grades. It was well worth the money as it made my son take interest in preparing for his classes and become confident that he could do well in school. Great motivation!! Very happy.

Carol R.

I am grateful for the support, care and guidance Cris Fick has given my wife and my 3 children through the years. She is always honest, patient and knowledgeable.

Bill R.

So knowledgeable and comprehensive in their approach! The staff is warm and professional, and clearly passionate about helping kids succeed educationally. FES has been a wonderful help to our family!

Andrea J.

My boys always enjoy their weeks at Fick.  As a mother I love that I can send both my sons (one on the spectrum and one not) and they are treated the same.  It helps them learn about each other while learning about things they are interested in like computers, programming, and science!  Great experience always!!!

Debbie L.

Well you do what you do very well!!! Will finished the second marking period with all A’s and B’s when he started with C’s and D’s.  He currently has an 88% in Geometry… unbelievable! Kudos to FES!!

Lauren F.

Thank you so much for all of your help this year!! We really appreciate how you’ve helped guide us (and navigate) through the school system! Thank you for being our advocate and always believing in Jacob!! You are awesome!

Sue, David & Jacob

I cannot express how grateful I am to Cris Fick at Fick Educational Services. Being a parent of a child with special needs has many challenges, one of which is how to navigate through the Special Education program with the school district to obtain the best services for our child. Having Cris at our side has been nothing less than a Godsend! Her professionalism is unparalleled as she is always prepared at the IEP meetings and she makes it a priority to prepare us thoroughly for the meetings as well. IEP meetings can be stressful for any parent and I have found Cris Fick’s honest approach reassuring.

Cris Fick’s services have been extremely beneficial to our child because her skilled advocacy have resulted in our child being placed in a program that has helped him flourish. He is genuinely excited to attend school and we cannot be any happier. Additionally, our son participated in a social skills group at Fick Educational Services. Cris would ask us to provide any specific situations that our son was struggling with and she would incorporate the scenarios in her social skills group. By doing so, we saw great progress in our son.

Cris is considered family as she has celebrated our child’s success and has also walked with us through moments of great difficulty. I would highly recommend Fick Educational Services to any parent who is considering retaining an advocate for their child. Our children are most important and we always want what is best for them. So please believe me when I say, Fick Educational Services is worth every penny and more because Cris Fick is excellent and passionate in what she does!

Lilia S.

When I first contacted Cris about becoming our advocate, I was impressed with her knowledge of Special Ed (former educator), law (advocate), and homeschooling/cyberschooling (parent and evaluator.) I was exhausted and needed more muscle to communicate our son’s needs to his cyberschool. Cris jumped right in with her non-confrontational approach, and she’s been very effective. The school is more responsive to requests and attentive to concerns. We are having regular meetings and moving in the right direction. It’s been worth every penny. We thought we would use her advocacy services in the short term, but now I can’t imagine going to a meeting without her! I can’t say enough how grateful I am to have Cris in our corner.

Michele S.

Fick Educational Services is amazing. The tutors are patient and kind and very knowledgeable. My son enjoys going and always learns something new. It has helped him immensely and he has gained confidence with his school work. I highly recommend Christopher.

Emma B.

My daughter attended summer camp in 2017 and seemed to have a great time!  Although she is non-verbal, the pictures I saw and reports from Chris and our nurse were that she really enjoyed it.  She liked reading the books with the group and the outside activities they participated in.  It seems like a fun time for all!

Margaret S.

We were referred to Fick Educational Services from both a work colleague and also from our neighbor.  Our daughter has dyslexia and needed extra support in reading and keeping up with 5th-grade assignments. Director Cris returned my call within a few hours and followed up with an e-mail outlining all the information regarding their services and next steps. We were assigned a schedule for the upcoming month within 48 hours of my speaking with Cris. My daughter’s tutor Marci made her feel at ease in the first appointment.My daughter feels like she has become more confident in finding the main ideas in a reading passage and summarizing in her own words the summary of the story. Marci has taught her to use different techniques in reading and we feel like she has improved her comprehension skills as well. Marci observes how my daughter learns and engages her each week with various exercises to work on reading, spelling, and comprehension to change it up and to challenge her. We would recommend to any family looking for extra support for their child.

Rose K.

We are in our second year of tutoring at FES. Our daughter Sophie has gone from hating math and getting D’ a solid B student who is able to understand concepts on her own. As she is entering high school next year this is a true blessing. Cris and her staff are caring people. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome and meet each child at their level. We love Christopher! He has been exceptionally good at helping Sophie, and is pleasant and professional. Often I will sit and chat with other parents in the office and also staff. It is a comfortable professional atmosphere. I have referred several people to FES, and feel confident in doing so! A++++

Kim R.

We have complex kiddos that have complex issues. Cris is essential to us working with the district and not fighting about ridiculous things!! When we came to her, we were exhausted from fighting. I’m not scared to have to fight, but Cris makes it so we don’t have to. She is such an important member to our team. I can’t say enough!!!

Courtney A-T.

Cris and Susan not only tutored our son in Math concepts but they also ingrained in him the importance of neatly written and well-aligned numbers. It’s completely amazing how the mastery of this “non-academic” skill has made such a difference in our son’s success! Thank you for looking beyond the books.

Christina R.

Cris Fick is awesome! She’s been extremely helpful as we navigate through the IEP process for our son. 

She is kind, patient, a great  listener and really wants to help! She really cares about our kids! She’s is very sweet but isn’t afraid to be tough when needed. 

During IEP meetings, she knows when to speak up and isn’t afraid to confront those when needed. She holds people accountable . She also has great relationships with our district supervisors and is very well respected. She knows the Special Ed laws. Having Cris with us at IEP meetings gives us a level of confidence that we wouldn’t have if we were alone.

We know how much Cris cares about our son. Not only is Cris our advocate, but she has become our good friend through this process. 

We recommend her highly!

Sue S.

Thanks again for all your help with my son. I can’t believe how far he has come with your help this summer.

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