Ways to Help Your Kids Get Back to School with Less Anxiety

It is the month of August. Everyone knows what that means! The new school year is upon us, and the nervousness is starting to kick in. We know a lot of students feel the anxiety, but parents may be anxious for their child to go back too. When the child is feeling confident and excited, the parent follows. To help with “back to school anxiety”, here are some tips:


Tour the school ahead of time

This can especially help if your child is going to be attending a new school. Change and transition can be hard for a lot of students. By visiting the school ahead of time, your child will have an idea of what to expect. Make sure to see the classroom they will be in and the main parts of the school. He or she can meet the principal and some staff, while getting a feel for the new environment. The key to comfort is familiarity.


Prepare your child

Practicing a schedule is a great way to start preparing your child for the school year. A week or two before school starts, implement a morning routine that your child will have during the school year. This will help transition into the swing of things. Simple things like taking your kiddo to the bus stop and letting them know how long they will be on it will all help. Anything that will show them what to expect is great.


Show confidence

Your child looks up to you. If they see that you have confidence, it will help bring them confidence.


Be positive and encouraging

Always make positive comments to your child, especially if they are being negative. If they express their worries, encourage them and stress that they can do it.


Be open

Make sure your child know that they can express any fears or concerns with you.


Going back to school can be stressful. It is important to be understanding and help your kiddo feel as confident and comfortable as possible so they can have a successful year!