The Benefits of a Social Skills Group

How to help with Social Anxiety

Making friends can be really difficult for some children. It requires starting and maintaining conversations, taking turns, sharing, and many other skills that are often hard for individuals. One of the greatest things in life is friendship, and that is a main goal of every parent for their child. Social skill groups are a great resource to help children learn the skills necessary for navigating peer relationships.

Why a Social Skills Group?

If your child is struggling with making friends or having a hard time communicating with others, joining a social skills group could really benefit him or her. Children, especially, may have a really hard time learning to share, conversate, and understand social cues. All of these things are really important in order to make and maintain relationships.

What are some benefits of social skills groups?

There are many benefits of joining a social skills group. Some include:

  • The ability to start conversations
  • Learning how to maintain conversations
  • Eye contact
  • Flexibility and sharing
  • Playing cooperatively and taking turns
  • Understanding others
  • Understanding others emotions and how to comfort
  • Understanding facial expressions
  • Understanding social cues
  • How to interact appropriately
  • Problem solving
  • Friendship Skills


Overall, social skills groups decrease social anxiety and sets people up with the tools they need to feel comfortable in social settings.