Reading can be a really tough subject for many students. Some may just not enjoy reading, some may have a hard time with reading comprehension, and some may have trouble reading in general. So, what do you do when your child does not want to read? Here are some tips:

Identify the cause. As stated above, there can be many different reasons why your child does not want to read. In order to find solutions, you need to figure out what is going on first.

Be understanding. Your child may get upset when he is asked to read. He may not read because he is embarrassed that it is so hard for him to do. Instead of getting frustrated, try to understand what they are feeling.

Boost their confidence. Children experience embarrassment just like we do. It is hard struggling with something that seems to come so easily to others. Whenever you get the chance, encourage your child. Constantly tell them that they are doing a great job and how proud you are of them. A confidence boost can help them to keep on trying.

Try tutoring. Tutoring is a great way to help your kiddo learn and better his or her reading skills. Reading specialists know many different ways to approach reading and can help your child improve.

Communicate with the teacher. Communication is always key. See what the teacher’s thoughts are about your child’s reading level and what steps you should take.