A child’s executive function and study skills are so important. Executive function is a set of skills that assist you in getting tasks done. It involves mental control and self regulation. It is controlling your attention to work on something specific and getting it done. A child’s executive function skills goes hand in hand with study skills.

So, how do we strengthen executive function skills?

We offer a ten-week course that presents strategies developed to focus on the part of the brain responsible for planning, organizing, and problem solving. This class helps with getting the student to move from one subject to another, manage stress, and finish what they start. It improves study skills and executive function skills, making your child feel and do better with academics.

A brief look into the course:

Week 1: Identifying Individual Learning Styles

Week 2: Organization and Planning

Week 3: Time Management

Week 4: Note-Taking Skills

Week 5: Reading Skills

Week 6: Test-Taking Skills

Week 7: Goal-Directed Persistence

Week 8: Flexibility and Improvising

Week 9: Working Memory and Mnemonics

Week 10: Metacognition and Wrap Up


This course begins October 4th, 2016 and will be held every Tuesday from 6pm until 7pm. It will be held at our West Chester office at 17 turner lane.