It is known that the first years of everyone’s life is the most important time for everything, specifically with the growth of the brain and body. The brain goes hand in hand with children’s overall growth, which is why the brain and it’s development is so important. Here is some information about brain development in the early years.


In the first few years of one’s life, up to 1,000 connections per second are made. These connections impact the child’s growth and development with social development, emotional development, and cognitive development. Just like connections can be lost, they can be built upon. In order to build on these connections, a child must be given opportunities for learning to take place. Giving your child a stimulating environment is so important for building on these connections.


The brain is affected by the genes that compose it.


Along with nature, it is shown that nurture plays a big role in the development of the brain. Nurture has to do with the influences that family, teachers, and other people that play a role in the child’s live give to the child. Many things can “nurture” the child and help brain growth, such as a healthy diet, positive and loving relationships, and many other things.

Below is a flyer that has information about a speaker coming in to Fick Educational Services to talk a lot more about the brain and body!!