Getting organized can be difficult for anyone, but is an important skill to have for preparing for school. It is important to find a system that works for both you and your child, and to stick with it. Here are some tips on how your child can get organized and ready for the new school year:

Use planning tools:

Planners, calendars, and folders all come in handy with keeping things organized. Show your child how to use a planner for everyday tasks. For upcoming events or projects, have them write it on a calendar so they can be prepared.


Teach your child the importance of prioritization. For example, if they have a big project due in a day, and a smaller homework assignment due later in the week, teach them that they should start working on the big project first.

Get the materials:

Having a different folder for each class and separate notebooks makes it a lot easier to be organized. Your child will have a harder time mixing up class work if each subject has its own folder.

Make a plan/prepare in advance:

Have your child get their backpack ready the night before school, so that they are not rushing in the morning. Go over anything that they will need beforehand, so that they feel prepared and confident.

By sticking to these tips and making them a part of your organization strategy, your child will have an easier time with starting the new school year and will be prepared!