A new school year can be filled with conflicting emotions: excitement to see friends, anticipation for a new teacher, or anxiety about classes or teachers or homework. For some students however, these emotions can be supercharged!

A few tips can help start the year off strong:

  1. Talk with your child about their friends early on. Learn about their friends and their friends’ behavior. Discuss strategies for positive peer interactions with a view toward cultivating strong friendships.
  2. Talk to your child’s teacher ahead of time. If an IEP is in place, make sure the teacher is aware of accommodations. Even if no IEP exists, discussing your child’s strengths and challenges enables the teacher to teach your child more effectively.
  3. Remind your child of his or her particular challenges. Working together, come up with some strategies that will help with impulse control and avoid common pitfalls. This could even be done as a family where appropriate. Consider techniques that have worked in the past and how to tweak them where needed.


Remember to keep it positive: your child’s challenges are intricately connected to his or her gifts. For example, a lack of attention can often be tied to a mind that is always thinking outside the box. Frame the conversations around your child’s strengths. If you’re looking for suggestions for strategies or help articulating goals, email us at Fickeducation@gmail.com to set up a consultation with Cris.


Here’s to a positive start to a new year!