A recent wave in the education arena has been early detection for dyslexia and the ensuing need for qualified educators to aid those struggling with dyslexia. In the past, some hesitated to use the term dyslexia when addressing individual student’s needs. However, recent years have shown a significant increase in this arena. The result? Students who need specific intensive instruction to deal with dyslexia now have options available to them.
The Wilson Reading Program is one such option that is currently used in various public schools across the country. The first Wilson Reading Program was published in 1988. After 30 years, the program has evolved. In addition to the reading program, Wilson offers a professional development program for educators. The Wilson Certification Program takes intense training and hands-on practice. The result is tutors that work with students one-on-one and see dramatic results.

The Wilson Reading Program is not intended only for use with students struggling with dyslexia. It’s an effective reading program used in many schools as their reading curriculum for all students. As one client has told us: “We chose FES since they specialized in the Wilson Reading Program. We wanted to be sure that our kids would receive the same training track as they would be exposed to at school. Cris’s team came highly trained in this curriculum and brought huge value to growing our kids’ reading levels over the summer.”

If you find yourself with a struggling reader that could benefit from some individual assistance using this research-based proven program, give FES a call. We will pair you with one of our certified Wilson tutors so you can see for yourself! Email us at fickeducation@gmail.comor call us at 610-457-2199 for more information.