Summer is coming and that means summer camp season is almost upon us! Here at Fick Educational Services, the offices are always bustling with activity and learning throughout the summer, and there’s scientific reason for it. Research has shown multiple benefits of summer camp participation – both academic and social benefits. Not only does camp help to avoid the summer slide or forgetting material learned in school but it also offers social interactions with peers.

Our themed camps are designed to give you a triple dose of Vitamin D – and not just the kind we get from the summer sunshine!

  1. Discover New Ideas: If a camp theme doesn’t immediately jump out at you as a fit for your child’s interests, don’t discount it. Camps offer exposure to different ideas, new worlds of knowledge. Think of the benefit of exposure to other ideas and worlds of knowledge.
  2. Develop Friendships: Summer camps offer unique opportunities for teamwork and collaboration, leading to the building of new friendships. At Fick Educational Services, we have found that our campers return year after year and get to know other fellow campers.
  3. Delight Your Senses: One of the characteristics of a dynamic camp experience should be that it appeals to various learning styles. A blend of artistic, intellectual, and kinesthetic activities cements learning and increases the fun.

Themed summer camps at Fick Educational Services offer all of the above and something more. Our staff is well equipped to work with students with various learning styles. We can tailor activities to address IEP goals where requested. From archaeology digs to electrical circuitry, there’s a camp theme to appeal to almost everyone.

For more information on our summer camps, check out our summer offerings here. Call us at (610)457-2199 for more information. Bring a friend and you and your friend both receive a $50 discount off of one week of camp. Hope to see you there!