Ben Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” While this is fairly strong language, it’s an astute observation that is very applicable when it comes to SATs. It’s surely tempting to take a break from anything academic during the summer; however, considering the benefits an SAT prep course provides, perhaps the sacrifice of some summer time is worthwhile.

Studies have shown that students who complete SAT prep courses perform better on these tests. Scores increase by an average 30 points for students who complete a course. We’ve even seen student with Fick Education increase their scores by 150 points after working with us. SAT prep courses offer test taking strategies that assist in understanding the questions being asked and managing time while taking the test. While scores are certainly not the most important factor in the college process and 30 points may not seem like much, some colleges have minimum score requirements to be considered for admission. In addition, certain scholarships require a minimum score to be eligible. Thirty points can mean thousands of dollars in tuition.

Not only do the courses tend to promote higher test scores but they also can alleviate some of the stress associated with test taking. It’s a well known fact that we feel less stress when we know what to expect. If students know what to expect for example the format of questions, they will likely feel less anxiety leading up to test day. If they have a toolbox of strategies, they approach the test more confidently which inevitably leads to greater success and higher scores.

If you expect your child will be tackling these tests this fall consider enrolling in our SAT prep course at FES. Imagine how just a small investment of time this summer could impact such a large decision as college choice. Our teachers provide crucial strategies and practice in a relaxed laid-back environment. Click here to get your child started with SAT prep at Fick Education!