We frequently recommend our Executive Functioning program for students who are frustrated in school. Some have an IEP. Some do not have an IEP. Some are doing decent in classes, but just feeling new pressures with academics. In many of these cases, parents will also ask what exactly does working on executive functions entail?

That answer reveals the reason we recommend it so frequently! Put simply, executive function is the toolbox of mental skills we have to manage our understanding, memory, and learning. For those with a cognitive disability, learning these skills and how to implement them will build a whole new pattern of actions to improve the way they process information. For those who do not have any cognitive disability, executive function development hones skills they already know and use. It’s a tune up for your brain to function well and anyone (even adults) benefits from it.

Another key reason we recommend developing stronger executive functions is that many schools don’t give them explicit focus. Sure, student may learn key mnemonic devices for some concepts or get useful note-taking skills in isolation, but time is rarely dedicated to honing and understanding those skills. By making the goal of tutoring learning how to learn, we remove the inherent frustrations that may be present in certain subject matters for students. After they learn and practice a skill like active listening, they can then take that to their classes and flourish!

Of course, these skills are universal. Our students take them to all subject matters, interpersonal relationships, and into college and career. Honing executive functions allows a person to understand how they process information, and that is empowering. We really cannot emphasize enough the impact executive function has on learners.Next time you hear us talking about this, feel free to have us share an overview of what the program we use covers. We’re happy to walk through those details and are certain that you’ll be a believer in the power of this skillset afterwards!