Reading is the key that unlocks all learning and reading well is essential for progression through school.  After all – how can your child even take tests without being able to read and comprehend the instructions?  We understand it is difficult to watch your child struggle to learn and we strongly encourage you to seek help as soon as possible.

Children who need help with reading will benefit from working with a reading specialist.  This is a teacher who has specialized training in teaching a variety of skills such as phonological awareness, phonetics, and language comprehension that are needed to read successfully.  In addition, some are trained to work with children who are dyslexic.  Many work in schools one-on-one with a child or in small groups and collaborate with classroom teachers to develop a plan to help a child with specific reading needs.  

As in any profession, reading specialists choose to focus on different areas in their training so keep in mind that while many are not qualified to make actual diagnoses, they are able to conduct evaluations to determine where a child is struggling.

Often once your child begins working with a reading specialist and receives help from someone focused specifically on their needs you will see great improvement.  If the specialist feels further help is needed, they may recommend a child be evaluated for special education.

This is why reading specialists serve such an important role in the education system and our practices at Fick Education. We understand that a student who has not attained key reading skills early in their life may struggle unlocking their full potential; make sure to do all you can to raise a strong reader.

Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible. – Barack Obama